MEKO Svets AB, MEKO Montage AB, MEKO Metallprodukter AB

Mekosvets AB, one of the companies in the Meko Group, is a well known manufacturing company with appr. 30 employees and with it´s own design department.

Since the 60´s we have designed, manufactured and rebuilt machinery and equipment for forming, pressing and drying processes for fabric and felt manufacturing to the paper industry. Among our products are air boxes and dryers.

Our aim is to obtain a certificate according to ISO 9001 by the end of 1998.

Our skilled staff of design engineers and supervisors have installed Tenter Systems, air boxes and various equipment worldwide for a range of companies. Our references include Albany International, Scapa, Kufferath, Appleton Wire, Becker van Hüllen, Swil Ltd. We have besides in Europe made installations in Australia, China, India and U.S.A.

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